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Residential Roofing For Sanford, NC

Tier One Roofing – Raeford’s Trusted Roof Installer. GAF Asphalt Shingle Roofs and America’s Popular Timberline Shingle Styles.

Raeford is in our core roofing service area, west of our Fayetteville dispatch center. This means we have trained roofing crews ready to repair or replace your home’s roof.

We work hard everyday to earn the trust of our neighbors by giving fair and honest estimates, offering only the best American made roofing materials and promptly installing your roof.

Our selection of GAF limited lifetime warranties provide many options that we help you choose from.

Raeford is a small community of hard-working families employed as service workers, professionals, sales and office staff. Raeford is a diverse city and a favorite of North Carolina military families.

Our installers work in every Raeford neighborhood, including Rockfish, Doc Brown Road, Ashley Heights and Bowmore–any place a Raeford family needs their roof repaired or replaced.

We know there are many roofing companies you can choose from and we hope you allow us to provide a free estimate for your roof repair or replacement.

Tier One Roofing does offer financing and low monthly payment plans, as well as military and first responder rebates.

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Customer Satisfaction Drives Our Business

Tier One Roofing understand  it’s not very often that families install a new roof, or have roofing repairs made. We keep this in mind no matter the size of the roof or the budget. What matters is we work to get you under a safe roof so you can enjoy your home again!

image shows leaky attic causing roof problems

Attic Leaks

Check your attic after severe weather. A leak could mean some shingles are damaged, the underlayment — a protective barrier between your shingles and the plywood of your roof — has failed, or flashing — the material that seals joints on your roof — has deteriorated.

image shows roof with missing shingles

Shingle Damage

When shingles reach the end of their useful life, you may notice they fall off or become cracked, brittle or curled, which means it may be time for a new roof.

image shows blistering paint

Blistering Or Peeling Paint

Poor ventilation may cause moisture to get trapped in your house, which may cause exterior paint to peel and blister.        
image shows roof with damaged dark streaks

Dark Streaks

 It may look like dirt, but dark stains on your shingles may be moss, lichen, or blue-green algae. This may not require a new roof, but if and when you do replace your shingles, ask for StainGuard® and StainGuard® Plus protection, which are available on many GAF shingles.

image shows ceiling stain from water leak

Ceiling and Wall Stains

Leaks from outside the house or moisture trapped inside it can cause stains and possibly mold or mildew.

image shows roof hail damage

Hail Damage

 Hail doesn’t have to be the size of a baseball to damage your roof. Hail often hits objects at high rates of speed, accelerated by wind. Older roofs sustain damage, but if conditions are ripe for a bad hail storm, an improperly installed roof can spring many leaks due to damage.

image shows ceiling stain from water leak

Sheathing Decay

Another issue with poor ventilation and moisture in your layers of roofing materials is the decay of sheathing — also called decking — which is the layer of plywood that forms the foundation of your roof. If you notice a sagging ceiling, broken gutters, leaks or missing patches of shingles, your sheathing may be damaged.

fallen tree caused by hurricane damages roof

Major Weather Events

It goes without saying Eastern North Carolina has its share of tropical storms and hurricanes. Even a strong summer thunderstorm can wreak havoc on homes and neighborhoods. Tier One Roofing assists with insurance claims so you can get back under a new roof safe and dry!

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Tier One Roofing Is Veteran-Owned

Tier One Roofing is proud to be a Veteran Owned local business serving Fayetteville area homeowners as well as active and retired military families.

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GAF Master Elite Roofer

Tier One Roofing is a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, the only roofing company in the Fayetteville area that has earned this designation.

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